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Autumn Travelers in Action Network

There is a need to create an Autumn Travelers' Proactive group to help those in the 70+ Aging Gap cope with the Aging at Home, especially those living in near NW Suburban Chicago.  A community where Autumn Travelers help each other and those in the 75+ Aging Gap, cope emotionally,  spiritually, or physically with non-medical issues of aging, illness and chronic ailments. 

OUR GOAL: Create a Power of Mercy Community to support those in the Aging Gap.


The first step: We are creating a Helping Hands Community at     www.lotsahelpinghands.com

If wish to join us  Email Us  

Use your talents and energy to help LESS-ACTIVE SENIORS IN THE AGING GAP and/or THEIR CAREGIVERS cope with the impairments of aging.

We've are creating a Labor of Love CALENDAR of happenings in the near-NW Suburban Metro-Chicago Area that relate to how Autumn Travelers are using their talent, energy, experience, and wealth to help aging seniors and others cope with physical disabilities and issues of Inclusion, Accessibility and Independence

Proactive Autumn Traveler Calendar

If you have any events that you would like included in the calendar, Please      Email Us