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FREE...Doctor's & Medical Appointment Transportation
Friends Indeed Serve & Help



F.I.S.H. Drives folks to doctors' appointments  F.I.S.H. has been providing MAINE TOWNSHIP residents with FREE  transportation to medical facilities in and near Maine Township since 1971. FISH was created by a group of Maine Township residents who wanted to help their neighbors and has provided thousands of rides during the program's over 40 years of service. Volunteers drive those in need to a wide range of medical appointments at no charge. However, donations are accepted and appreciated.

To schedule a ride call MaineStay Officer Manager
Branka at 847-297-2510 x283.

Join our Volunteer Driver Team
Due to a 40% increase in ridership, F.I.S.H. needs more volunteer drivers. Volunteer drivers choose how much time they wish to devote. Some drive once a week; others drive more often. Requirements include a current driver's license and proof of auto insurance. FISH carries supplemental liability insurance as an umbrella policy for its drivers.

When you volunteer to drive, your rewards are great:
  • Satisfaction from helping a neighbor
  • Friendly chats with someone who may be lonely
  • Genuine appreciation for providing a wonderful service

 To Join our Volunteer Driver Team
   Text 708 209 8693 and include word "FISH"    

 Scheduling a Free Medical Appointment Ride

Give us adequate time to coordinate your appointment with a driver, please call at least a week in advance of your appointment.  We will do our best to provide you with a ride.
To schedule a ride

Call MaineStay Officer Manager
Branka at 847-297-2510 x283.

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